KO PROPO EX-RR with KR-415FHD & Carbon Print Battery Stand - Limited Edition

KO PROPO EX-RR with KR-415FHD & Carbon Print Battery Stand - Limited Edition

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KO PROPO thought of the operation feeling to the primacy by the development of RR. It is the operation feeling which operates a car really.We think that the feelings which can not be evaluated are important at the numerical value in each steering, throttle, software element.

Many custmer staified good balance and feeling. And this product included Carbon print battery stand. You can use Life or Lipo battery by this stand. Moreover, you will be satisfied with the improved balance.


  • Color: Black
  • Individual response settings for the steering and throttle.( Feel setting menu)
  • Display RF mode (FH-G/ FH-F /MzMHS G/MzMHS F)
  • 2 way setting point in the Steering Speed.
  • 3 way Setting point in the Throttle Speed.
  • Full acceleration settings.
  • Full ABS Settings.
  • Balance L/R added in the Steering override.
  • Add User timer.
  • 40 model memory.


  • Dimensions:230×163×107mm
  • Weight:536g (not included battery)
  • Battery: RO3/AAA/UM4 battery x 4
  • Current: 150mA
  • Using time: 4 or 5 hours( with alkaline battery)
  • Channels:4 channelsbr />
  • Frequency:2.4GHz(FHSS)
  • Model memory: 40
  • HCS compatible receiver KR-415FHD short antenna(21010) included.
  • Other Compatible receivers: KR-413FH,KR-241FH,KR-211FH,KR-212FHG.


  • Master Unit EX-RR (1pc)
  • LCD Xpansion Unit EX-104S (1pc)
  • Aluminum Steering Wheel 3 (1pc)
  • Drop down Extension Unit(Included soft spring) ×1(1pc)
  • Expert Grip Unit2 (right) (1pc)
  • Carbon print battery stand (1pc)
  • Receiver: KR-415FHD short antenna (1pc)
  • Other: RX mode selector (1pc)