Chargeur HRC Dual-Star Charger V1.0 80W

Chargeur HRC Dual-Star Charger V1.0 12/230V

LiHV compatible - 80W

139,00 CHF

The HRC Racing Dual Star Charge is a part of our succesful Star Chargers range. This dual charger features 2 output ports, as well as a USB output for your smartphone or any other USB device you may need in your pit.

As usual with HRC Racing chargers, the quality is extremely high, and the charger features a smart design and nice packaging, which of course includes 3 complete user manuals, in English, French and German !

Technical Datas:

-Input voltage: DC 11V~18V / AC 110V~240V
-USB Output: 5V / 1A
-LiHV/LiPo/LiFe/LiIo: 2~6 cells *2 ports
-NiCd/NiMH cells: 1~15 cells *2 ports
-Pb (Lead Acid): 2~20V *2 ports
-Charge Current: 0.1~10A, adjustable
-Adjustable discharge function
-Meter for internal resistance
-Current Drain (balance): 400mA / cell
-Charge Power AC Mode: 70W port 1 / 50W port 2
-Charge Power DC Mode: 100W *2 ports
-Multiple Security System

Multiple Security System is based in continuous checking these 5 parameters: voltage, capacity, time, temperature and peak current.

The HRC Dual-Star Charger includes 2pcs charge cables (4mm to T-plug) as well as 2pcs multi adapter boards to match with most commun lipo balance connectors (EH, XH, PQ, TP).