Bateau Proboat MISS GEICO 17 432mm EP/RTR

149,00 CHF
Since Miss GEICO powered its way onto the open-water race scene, it’s dominated
the sport, winning six consecutive world championships and toppling speed records
like they were built to be destroyed. The Pro Boat Miss GEICO features a 17” twin-hull
design built for speed. Powered by Dynamite electronics and engineered from
a high-strength, ABS plastic, it’s a lightning-fast tribute to a one-of-a-kind machine, officially licensed and ready-to-run.
licensed Miss GEICO design
powered by a potent 380-size
brushed motor
streamlined hull and compact design
provide impressive handling
anodized, in-line adjustable
rudder and propeller strut
Pro Boat 2.4GHz marine radio system
Dynamite Speedpack battery and
1-hour peak charger include

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Longueur: 432mm